Canada Golden Maple Film Festival


Exhibiting Films

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March 18th registration begins! Welcome all kinds of films. For details, please read the "Submission" page

2018 Short Listed Films

  • The Story of Bethune

  • The Legend of Robert Lim

  • The Seed of Virtue

  • Chollywood

  • Guardian Angel

  • Dan Yang

2017 Short Listed Films

  • Back Up

  • The Longhorn Miao

  • A Mysterious Tribe in China

  • An old woman and the betelnut

  • The Fears From Me

  • The Pure Land in Mundane World

2016 Short Listed Films

  • Trading

  • NanHong Agate

  • For One Night

  • Origin

  • An Enslaved Princess

  • Qi Town, Wait for Me

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